Leather cord and monofiliment

    I have a roll or spool of leather cord that is about 6 yrs
old. I want to use the cord for necklaces, but can't seem to get
the cord to lay straight. Does anyone have any suggestions as to do
so? Thanks in advance, Bari 

Hello! I had the same question about the stuff that is like fishing
line… Older necklaces that were stored improperly, and there
are curves and bends in the string.

Best Regards,
Mary Beth in NH
(it is STILL cold as anything!)

Ok, there’s no takers yet, so this so what I’d do:

I don’t know about the monofilament, but for the leather cord, I’d
unspool a goodly amount, perhaps dampen it, then tie a weight to one
end and hang it for a day and see if that does it.

Christine in Littleton, Massachusetts