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Learning opportunities in Italy?


Hello all -

I am wondering if any of you know of any jewelry classes offered in
Italy in July?

I will be staying in Pietrasanta (near Pisa), but I am willing to

Also, if there are any jewelers in the region who need help, or who
would be willing to take me on for a few weeks, I am always eager to
learn. I would also be willing to exchange web design help (my
former life) for lessons.

Thank you!


There are three programs that I know of in Florence. Sacchi,
Lorenzo DiMedici, and Syracuse University Florence.


Margo, The University of Georgia has a summer program in Cortona –
you might check Metalsmith for their ads or you can probably find the
University on line though a search engine. Hope that helps.



I studied at Fuji Studio in Florence italy in 1989. I was definitely
a beginner, the teacher I had is no longer there so I am sorry to say
I do not have any advice Re: the present day quality of the program.
However with a little reseach you should be able to get an inside
scoop. In bocca al lupo. Victoria