Lead mounts acid?

Dear Mark Where do you get the muriatic acid…
This sounds great… I just had a piece reapaired yesterday and he
just used the lead that was left to re do the little flower…But
he is a genius… Ha!!!He only charged me 3 dollars… He is
GOOD. thanks for the idea and advice… Shall try it myself next
time… calgang

<< Where do you get the muriatic acid. >>

In the U.S. you can get it from any hardware store. Its used for
cleaning bricks and such. The fumes are bad. Do it only in well
ventilated area. It has always removed the lead for me, but must
be heated and needs to soak overnight.

Mark P.

I might add to this that depending your application,the acid can
cause chemical reactions that can stain or really damage your
workpiece.Lot of folks reccomend neutralizing the acid for 2
days prior to usage with Baking Soda. If your work pieces are
valuable,I might reccomend you run the question of best cleaning
over at: rocks-and-fossils@world.std.com Lot of masters over
there at cleaning minerals,they would be knowledgeable about
metals,or any substance you wanted to use this acid on.There is
always a thread going on there about chemicaly cleaning.

                                         Mark Liccini


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Another real good and easy source is pool (swimming) supply
houses. We get chlorine from them too (2.00 per gallon) that is
about 5 times as strong as Clorox for the wash. Been working
great for years…


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