Layered cascading earrings - how to attach?

I have both sterling silver discs and enameled copper discs I would like to use for layered cascading earrings. I have seen earrings like this before but I don’t now how the discs are connected in back to create the cascading look. Does anyone know how to contact the discs without the wire showing? Thank you.

I’m happy to help but there are so many types of cascading earrings. Do you have a photo or drawing of what you are trying to do? That would help a lot.
Jo Haemer

Attached is a very rough sample sketch of what I am trying to do to create layered cascading earrings [I hope the image downloaded]

layered cascading earrings.

Essentially there is a hole in whichever disk is behind with a wire going through from whichever disk is in front. Here are three ways to do that. In this diagram the lower disks are in front of the higher ones, but either way works.


Perfect - just the information I needed…thank you!

Another way to do it is to have the post come through from the back to the front, and use the termination as an ornament. You could, for instance, set a stone in a tube at the top of each post, or have the post end with a loop from which dangles a small ornament. A million possibilities.

That does sound interesting…is it possible to send me a sample sketch/drawing [I’m afraid I am a visual person and understand drawings a tad better] - thank you. A quick sketch will help me a bit more.

You could also drill a small hole in the cascading discs and weave them using a basic loop-in-loop chain technique. I’m still working out the measurements for my own version, but it’s pretty straightforward and requires no soldering or special parts–just jump rings and discs. I got the idea from Jeanette Caines – you can see her finished earrings here: About Jeanette K Caines -


Thank you! Love the illustrations…just what I needed!

I haven’t made a loop-in-loop chain in ages…great suggestion. Thank you!

I happen to be trying to do the same thing and this info really helps. I couldn’t decide between this type or dangling on a chain, but I like the idea of making the connection decorative as above - Thanks!