Lava rocks

Hey Lillian, I don’t have a direct source available for you but I
was wondering what kind of lava rock you are referring to? Here in
New Mexico we’ve got old volcanos all over the place and it may be
that some of the local Indians might have made some. Are you asking
about a tight grained type of lava (basalt), obsidian (volcanic
glass), or the real coarse holey (but non-righteous) lava? There are
many different kinds of volcanic rock. I’ll try to contact the
University of New Mexico’s anthropology department to see if the
locals ever made such beads. They’ve got the Maxwell Museum of Man
there so maybe good info on the topic. Most basalt is quite hard and
difficult to work with but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Some
clarification on lava type would be helpful.


Thanks. I believe it is basalt. One of the other answers provided a
good online source. Based on the pictures, it appears to be just what
I want.