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Laura Pacino - Jewelry Gallery


Simply Adorning
Dublin, OH. USA

I have been creating jewelry for almost 20 years, in a variety of techniques. Over the last 5 years, metalwork has become my passion. My designs are inspired by the beauty and wonder found in nature everywhere. I hope that you enjoy them!

Materials: sterling/fine silver, rainforest jasper, peach moonstone Dimensions: 42mm x 26mm

A very lovely cabochon of rainforest jasper, in a setting embellished with silver petals, orbs and a peach moonstone cab.

Photo credit: Laura Pacino


Morrisonite Necklace

Materials: sterling/fine silver, morrisonite, 14k gold
Dimensions: 50mm x 28mm

Wonderful example of Morrisonite in this cabochon, set in silver with a small orb of 14k gold accenting the setting. The chain consists of hand wire wrapped freshwater pearls.

Photo credit: Laura Pacino


Linda Marie Plume Agate Pendant

Materials: sterling/fine silver, linda marie agate
Dimensions: 38mm x 29mm

Linda Marie agate is a new find - this cab is the prettiest piece of it that I have seen! It’s a rare find as it is being mined slowly, and the rough material sells out quickly!

Photo credit: Laura Pacino