Laura J Teague - Jewelry Gallery

Laura Teague Jewelry
Baton Rouge, Louisiana. USA

The paradox that beautiful jewelry that is easy to wear can evolve from wire and sheets of metal is almost unbelievable to me. It all happens through experimentation, imagination and determination in order to shape the metal into a form that is right for each piece.

I am inspired by art, nature and by the ancient patterns used to produce protective clothing in another time and place. The patterns used in clothing were strong by necessity but, at the same time, incredibly beautiful and fluid, moving with the body – qualities that are shared by the classic jewelry that I design and make.

I work in sterling silver, copper, and brass using traditional coiling and refining techniques and hand tools. Many of my pieces are made from hundreds or thousands of small metal rings, which I make in my studio. The rings are then interconnected by hand, one by one, into the desired pattern.

Materials: Sterling silver Dimensions: 8" x 3"

Sterling silver bracelet made of hand-formed rings using traditional coiling and cutting techniques. Rings are interconnected one by one in an this ancient pattern known as Dragonscale or Mermaid’s Mesh.

Photo credit: Ralph Gabriner

Clover Chain

Materials: Sterling Silver
Dimensions: 18" long x 1/2"

Sterling silver necklace made of hand-formed wire and daisy components arranged in a cluster pattern, reminiscent of and inspired by the chains of clover I used to spend hours making in my home in the southern U.S.

Photo credit: Ralph Gabriner