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Lathe mandrel


Get a piece of round hardwood about 4 1/2 inches long and centre
the two ends, using a centre punch indentation. You need a driving
centre in the headstock and a running centre in the tailstock. With
the lathe running at a fairly high speed, turn the wood down until
it is a little thicker than will accept the ring… Now turn a
gentle taper on the rod so the inside diameter of the ring is at
about the mid point. If you remove the rod and slip on the ring
tightly, you can place the tapered mandrel back between centres
and of course it and the ring will run true, but do check to ensure
you haven’t managed to get the ring on the mandrel a bit ‘cockeyed’’

If it isn’t right, remember Dick Whittington and turn again. (but it
won’t get you to be Lord Mayor of London)

Cheers for now,
John Burgess; @John_Burgess2 of Mapua, Nelson NZ