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Latex (Rubber) Mold Release

What do you use for a ‘rubber’ mold wax release … The
commerical ‘stuff’ in der can is $10.00 a can and doesn’t go that
far … I’m sure the ‘Mature Pros’ (watch the kind wording…
cause ’ I are one’ !!!) know of a much better and more
reasonable product to use…


Hi Jim, Dump half a can of baby powder into the bottom of a
sock. Wrap a rubber band tightly around the sock to hold the
powder in. Bang this powder bag on each side of the mold
occasionally. It works great. Now, about that "mature pro"
stuff… Tom Arnold

Any decent machine tool supply store can sell you pure silicone
mold release in spray cans, just like the Castaldo spray. It’s
even available in your choice of concentrations. A good deal
cheaper than the castaldo cans, though still not by any means
free. Also, a traditional release is simply talcum powder (or
the more commonly sold baby powder variant, corn starch powder)
It works too, though leaves more of a texture on the wax,
especially if you use too much. Another solution is to use
silicone (either RTV or vulcanizable types) rubbers for your
molds, which are much more self releasing than normal rubbers,
and often don’t really need a release. These molds will benefit
from a very occasional dusting with powder, more to aid air
escape than anything else, it stays mostly in the release cuts
instead of the mold cavity. With then you won’t go through that
much silicone spray except for the very most complex molds…
Also, be sure your wax is no hotter than needed to fill.
Overheated wax sticks to molds a lot more.

Hope this helps.

Peter Rowe

    What do you use for a 'rubber'  mold wax release ... The
commerical 'stuff' in der can is $10.00 a can and doesn't go
that far ... I'm sure the 'Mature Pros'  (watch the kind
wording... cause ' I are one' !!!) know  of a much better and
more reasonable product to use..... 

Hy, I dont use any with latex. What kind are you useing? and
what temp is your wax.I ues L rtv silicone rubber by Dow Cornning
. I gave up raww rubber. This stuff is grand if you need to have
a rubber today you can. cool 10,000 lakes True


Thanks, I use the same process for building molds… at the
separation (for me 3 latex pads and then the item then another 3
latex pads "stuck together by the glue they come with’ … but
never thought of using the same proces for the mold release…
however, doesn’t this "the power’ reduce the detail of the item
when the wax is produced?

If you like Dow Corning’s RTV, you love castaldo’s Liquacast.
Stronger, easier, longer lasting and 1/4 the price. E-mail me
your shipping address and we’ll send you a free sample kit. Same
for anyone else who is interested.

As for other mold releases, be careful-- some of the solvents
used in sprays are either highly flammable or dissolve rubber.
Read the label and test before using!!

Michael at CASTALDO

F.E. Knight, Inc., 120 Constitution Blvd., Franklin, MA 02038 |
508/520-1666 |

Dear Michael,

Saw your post to Orchid. I used Dow silicon for years but have
recently switched to another product. Would appreciate a sample.
Would not need a sample if the curing cannot be pushed (with
heat) to around one hour. I do use your Castaldo Gold rubber for
vulcanized applications. Does Castaldo make a rubber for white
metal molds?

William D. Reidsema
765 SR 1001
Tunkhannock, PA 18657