Latex Gloves

Hi Gang, For those of you that use latex gloves, an economical source
is Harbor Freight. They usually have them on sale every 2 or 3
months. They’re priced between $3 & $4 /box of 100 ambidextrous
gloves. I believe they’re powdered. They come in several sizes
(small, medium & large).


For those that like the latex gloves, a better alternative that was
suggested to me was Nitrile. It is a synthetic that doesn’t seem
quite as elastic and doesn’t seem to snag on buffs quite as easily.
The company will send free samples for sizing. I saw them available
in one size recently at Home Depot.

Bruce Holmgrain
JA Certified Master Bench Jeweler

Nitrile gloves are also available at Harbor Freight. I’ve been
looking at my fliers because I know that they go on sale every so
often. I have issues with Latex but so far so good with the new