[Late Reply] Finding a Gallery

Hi Dede,

I intended to respond earlier to your inquiry… sorry for the
delay. An approach that has worked very effectively for me in
establishing a relationship with a gallery is pretty

I call the gallery and introduce myself as a jewelry artist who
is interested in talking about working with the gallery. Then
I set an appointment with the appropriate employee or owner,
and go meet them in person. I have “cold called” in person
as well, with equally satisfactory results.

I have to admit I have not tried creating interest through
direct mail, but I know what my reaction is to the myriad of
unsolicited/unexpected mail I receive. I don’t mean to belittle
that approach, as I have not tried it. I have just found that
face-to-face contact seems to reassure the gallery that I am a
real artisan, and that I will stand behind my work. I am
tangible, and they can put an acquaintance with the name.

I recognize that you mentioned contacting galleries in a wide
geographical area that may not make in-person contact feasible,
but I encourage you to try this approach with those galleries
that are “within reach.”

Good luck,

Dave Sebaste
Sebaste Studio
Charlotte, NC (USA)