Last week for free shipping

Hello Everyone,

A reminder that this is the last week for free shipping on G-TEC TB-15 and TB-30 Torch Boosters G-TEC Torch Boosters raise city natural gas pressure to 5-10 psi so you get the best performance from your bench and casting torches, even casting platinum! Be safer by eliminating propane and acetylene cylinders from your studio and never run out of gas.

TB-15 is the right Torch Booster for a home studio or small jewelry shop with up to 3 bench torches; TB-30 is the right Torch Booster for up to 6 bench torches and occasional casting.

Through March 31st G-TEC will ship for free in the 48 states, units are in stock for immediate shipment and you can purchase a unit with any major credit card.

Give me a call, send an email or text any questions.

Ed Howard
G-TEC Natural Gas Systems
Office 1-800-451-8294
Cell 716-490-1766