Last wedding set

Hello all!

For the past month I have been intending on relaying an unusual event
when a couple came to pick up their rings.

I had done work for this lady 10 years prior or so, and her now
ex-husband. She was getting married again and I met with them to do
their rings. I showed some pictures of my work, and some catalogs,
Plat. books and, so on. They both wanted quality diamonds and money
was not a real big concern. The size and expense was modest and quite
tasteful for both rings. She wanted him to have the same quality of
diamonds she was having in her ring. I got their diamonds in and
carved the waxes. They didn’t feel it was necessary to approve the
waxes and I went ahead and finished them.

When they came to pick them up I saw something I had not seen before.
I presented the pair of rings in ring boxes, on a velvet pad, as I
always do. She reached for his ring, and he reached for hers; as
though on cue! They both then continued to study and enjoy each
others rings. Both stated their approval of my efforts, but still had
yet to hold their own rings! I mentioned the scenario we were in and
broke the trance I guess! It was then that they switched rings to
examine their own rings. They realized what I had perceived. A most
impressive display of love for one another.

I am always amazed with the various ways people show their
appreciation and emotions. This was a new one for me. The expense of
the piece has nothing to do with that ability for expression. Just
thought you might enjoy that story as we move into our busiest time.