Laser Welds

    Laser welders can safely fuse new platinum onto a platinum head,
even with relatively heat sensitive stones, like emerald. 

Perhaps I’ve been asleep, but I don’t know anything about laser
welders for jewelry. Can someone explain and provide a source for a
catalog description, price, etc.?


Roy They are a major investment- $30,000 - $ 45,000. A very useful
tool for a repair shop or manufacturer to have, however, if you have
the work to support it. AJM and other magazines carry ads for them.

I haven’t seen one in operation, but you can hand hold the piece, and
sight through a microscope to weld pieces. No heat, and far more
flexible than a fusion or tack welder. Great for putting posts on
pearl earrings, the afore mentioned retipping, etc. I was told that
one of the Boston jewelers who does alot of trade work has one. I
don’t have a clue as to the power of the laser, or type, however. Rick

Gold and Platinumsmithing
Jewelry Photography

Rio Grande is a distributor for the lazer welders. Need to ask for
Liz at Rio for info on these. Rio also demo’s these at the Tucson
show. Man what a great machine. All the possibilities for doing
impossible repairs are easy with this machine. Soldering next to
opals,pearls,tanzanite!!! Even does platinum and stainless.

Phil Scott
Rio Grande.

To begin with, before you get too excited, please note that these are
not hobby level machines, or even within the range of most small
studios. This is industrial level machinery. Many manufacturers,
even smallish ones, are getting interested, and the larger ones are
getting these things quickly. Trouble is, the cheapest one I’ve seen
so far still costs about 35 thousand dollars.

If you can deal with that price range, then pick up a copy of AJM
magazine. You’ll probably also find advertisers in JC-K magazine.
You’ll find them advertised there. Or call Rio Grande. They’ll
either sell one or refer you. At the Los Vegas show, I’m told they
were either demoing these or cooperating with the firm that was doing
so. My boss says we’ve got one on order, but it won’t be here till
September. Not sure why the delay… Made in Germany, I think. Let
ya know what it’s like when I finally get my eager little paws on it.

Peter Rowe

Roy, I have had a laser welder for @ 19mos. and it is an incredible
machine. I also do laser work for the trade. If you have questions
or need something welded, call me @ 1-877-535-9938 or 770-382-8268.

Bob Staley, B.Staley, Goldsmiths