Laser welding titanium

I’m having a little trouble laser welding flex titanium eyeglass
frames. Any suggestions? I’ve got a Rofin laser welder and the
parameters are set at 210 volts, 5.5 ms, 1.5 hz and 3 on the focal

Any help at
all would be appreciated.

Hey Scott

I also weld glasses and the only thing I have ever had a problem with
is those flex frames. I have tried everything but have never been
able to weld them. I have never heard of anyone that has been able to
weld them. If you know of anyone that has the secret please let me

J Morley

We do the Flexon frames by putting a silver tube sleeve over the
bridge break and weld the ends all the way around the tube. Done 10
or 15 and only one has broken again.

Chip Stone
Stonecraft Jewelers.