Laser Welding Titanium

Help Orchidians…I have a customer who wants a manufactured
titanium ring in a size that the company doesn’t provide. And always
trying to provide great service to my clients I have said I could
have it sized if I can find someone who can laser weld on titanium.
Is there someone out there with the capabilities to do this sort of
work and would be excited (ok, you don’t have to be excited) willing
to provide this service? Please get in touch with me.

I leave to Vegas mid-next week so I might respond real quickly, but
then again you never know.

Thank you in advance…Marlene Richey

Marlene Richey
Richey Jewelry Gallery
15 Wharf . Portland . ME . 04101

As far as I know for-get-about-it, that is sizing titanium, the
metal can be soldered, we do it almost every day with eye glass
repairs, but it’s not a forgiving metal. It does not want to bend
easy, our saw blades don’t like cutting it, it’s noting but a over
labor job. Find a machinest and have them made/cut to the sizes
(dimensions) you need. Any good machiest can cut it.

Good luck