Laser Welding silver

Now I’d better stop the thing I started :wink: Dear Bob Staley and
James Gervais. I’m glad you dont agree on this subject, because that
shows it is possible to weld in more than one way. I’ll try it all
and maybe one day I can tell you about my way of doing it. What I
was most interested in was weather or not it was possible to make a
weld allmost as durable as a soldering, and I understand that it is
possible, so I’ll just keep trying. Thank you for your help, and I
will return if I come up with more questions…with or without gas

Greetings from rainy London
Lone L=F8vschal

Dear Lone: No need to think you started a conflict…Crafford is only
here to assist laser users.

As a point of reference, you may be interested to know that we have
a practicing bench jeweler who owns his own high street shop in Bath.
He is an applications assistant for our cleints in the UK and if you
like I would be happy to provide you with his name and contact

Maybe he can provide you with more details about silver.

If you would like his name please contact me directly at Email:

Best Wishes and Cheers.