Laser welding service NYC

Hey there, does anyone know of a laser welding service in NYC that can connect chain links? I just moved to the area and building my contact list. Thanks!

I don’t have any good NYC connections to share, but since no one has posted any ideas, I’d suggest reaching out to NYC jewelry schools/studios. They’ll know NYC folks to suggest. Here’s a couple of programs.

Brooklyn Metal Works

92nd Street Y

Hope that helps!!



Get in touch with the jewelry design dept at FIT. The professors are well tied in to the trade in the city.

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L&C Jewelry: 36 west 47th street, Suite 308
Laura Jewelry: 66 W. 47th Street, Mezzanine
Laser booth: 44 W 47th St, C-01

Pretty much every jewelry exchange in the diamond district has one or two booths that laser. You can walk into any of them and ask for a recommendation- not many people will steer you in the wrong direction, as everyone ultimately works together. Just ignore anyone on the sidewalks. Try lots of people and over time you’ll build relationships that suit you best. :slight_smile: