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Laser Welder - Flash lamp replacement

How does one tell if a lamp looks good just by looking?

If you bare starting to see a decrease in power I would maybe
consider it. If not a decrease in power just keep on going and happy

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Just a tip off to a problem that I had with my laser… I waited two
years to replace the flash lamp…I had no problems with the power or
the machine so, I just changed my water regularly and cleaned my lens
and kept trucking on…

time comes to replace lamp…not only does the lamp end up needing
replacement, but I got pock marks on the gold plated casement for
the lamp…and then had to replace them to a very pretty penny…(I
think all told by the end it was easily over $1,000.)

Just my two cents…but if you are checking the lamp, please check
those casements to save you in the long run!!!

-julia potts
julia potts studios

but if you are checking the lamp, please check those casements to
save you in the long run!!! 

thanks for the tip. How do you like the laser? is it worth it?

I no longer work with a laser, but I did for approx. 3 years. I had
a laserstar from crafford and YES! I loved it!!!

great for tack welding multiple heads in rings or pendants to hold
them in place while soldering…(no more taping the head with your
tweezers in one hand, the torch in the other trying to get that box

repairs that you could not do traditionally…no problem for the
laser. Thin chains, stress fractures…prong cracks…no probem.
Even repairs stainless steel eyeglasses. gold filled too!

As far as design work…look out! innovative and unique designs that
cannot be done with a torch…(I used to set alot of OMF stones, and
you could actually make a bezel box, usually this required alot of
little pieces of concave gold welded in place and soldered together
with the exception of one seam…cut the seat, place stone in…close
the last seam with your fingers and laser shut, easy as pie, and less
risk of chipping a stone with 8 little points…I could send you some
pics if you want!!!)

I loved my laser, and hope someday to buy another one…A tip to
buyers out there…they now sell reconditioned lasers at a fraction
on the cost of a new one!

-julia potts
julia potts studios


I would love some pictures of actual work. Projects that you speak
of, I would like pictures.

I have had many reps call on me and I have plenty of pictures of the
machine so I would like to see what it does.