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[Laser welder] CPP's Laserstar Vs. AB StarWeld


Hello all Looking for some info on laser welders. I have been looking
to buy one and would like some input on which company has the best
reputation on service and standing behind their product. I have been
looking at CPP’s Laserstar #501-4002HP and AB Lasers StarWeld
Performance welders and would like to hear the good and bad on these
two welders and any problems you might have had with service.

Thanks in advance, Steve


You should expand you choices to include the Power Laser from B&D
sales. I bought mine late last year and LOVE IT. If you won’t listen
to me consider that Tiffany’s has 10 of them.


Steve, The Crafford laser is an incredible machine! I’ve had mine
@14mos and have over 1500 hrs on it. Only changed the deionized water
once (yearly maintenance). It’s a workhorse. They are great for tech
support. Call me if you have particular questions. Bob
Staley-B.Staley, Goldsmiths 770-382-8268