Laser usage?


I have an interesting relationship with a local jeweler. He lets me
use his laser and in exchange I do some consulting and small projects
with my old world equipment. Lately I’ve been getting the better deal
so I offered to pay him for laser time. My question is, how much
should I offer to pay?

I usually use it for less than an hour a month, though this month
I’ll probably use it for more like 2 or 3 hours as I have a big
production job. The easiest thing would be to pay him by the hour
each month I use it, but I’ve thought about paying him a monthly fee
for a set amount of usage, but I don’t use it that regularly.

I don’t need any help setting the machine up, I do all that myself.
I only use the machine after hours or before the store opens so I
don’t occupy the machine when his goldsmith may need it. Also this is
a machine he owns, not a lease, if that makes a difference.

He told me that he doesn’t care how much I pay him, as long as I
feel it’s fair. But I do want it to be equitable. He’s really a great
guy and I don’t want him to feel shortchanged.



I’m in a similar boat with the guy I’m getting laser time from. He
normally charges $50/hr for welding services, but that’s with him
doing all the work, and giving certified welds.

He’s an engineer, and knows nothing about jewelry work, so I end up
doing all of it. I’m in the middle of negotiating with him, but I’d
like to settle on a rate of between $10-$20/hr for laser time alone,
depending on what he’ll go for. (My wallet wants $10/hr. I suspect he
may want $20/hr, and for the pieces I’ve got in train that require a
laser, I’ll spring for that, but it’ll impact how much ‘playing’ I
do the higher it goes.)

Brian Meek.

hey larry,

roseco in dallas…charges a dollar a minute,with minimum. 15

good luck
lisa mcconnell

The going rate I hear is $50.00 to $75.00 an hour.



You could do it a couple of ways. You could figure out what a lease
per month runs divide that by 31 divide that by hours ect. and come
up with an hourly price. You could use the geller book for pricing
laser welds and break that down into a fair wholesale price. You
could ask him what kind of wine, beer pr restaurants he frequents :slight_smile:

J Morley Goldsmith laserwelding