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Laser techniques

Is anyone aware of an online source for laser techniques specific to
jewelry fabrication and repair? I have recently started working in a
shop that has one available and would like to try to learn as much
as possible about the characteristics and limitations before getting
ahead of myself. Thanks

Jim Malone
Diamond Point Metalsmiths

Jim, If you find a source let us know. I bought my laser about six
months ago and its basically learn as you go technology. Just devote
time to playing around and read the bench jeweler magazine for

Berry’s Jewelry Nashville,TN

Hi this probadly isn’t going to help.=A0I worked on a crawfford lazer
for 2 1/2 years and after getting the companys initial training
there was still a 6 month learning curve to get the machine to start
paying for itself.=A0I think that with proper “real world” instruction
this could be cut down to making money with this great tool from day
one.=A0But as long as the lazer companies continue to believe that
their tool will make you throw your torch in the trash. This problem
will never change.=A0I offered to help all of the top three lazer
companies with their instore jeweler training but was met with “we
alrealy have that covered”.=A0The way to overcome the long learning
curve is to question every job that comes across you bench.=A0Could I
do this with the lazer and if so how and continue
experimenting.=A0Feel free to email directly if I can help…

W. Taft Atkins, Jr.=A0
Taft Design Studio