Laser soldering

Hi everyone on Orchid, I’m having a problem with a piece and after
much thought of how to fix it, I thought I should check with your
wise minds in case you have any better suggestions.

I made a locket out of sterling silver with 20- 4.5 mm pearls all
over the top. There are about 45 solder joints with the extra
design elements, not including the hinge. (I wish I could draw on
the computer so you could see it) The problem, is that upon final
completion, I was opening and closing the locket and the hinge broke
off the top side. To my devastation, I wasn’t sure how to fix this
since the pearls are already in place. I remember hearing about
laser soldering (welding?) and how it doesn’t heat up the rest of
the piece. I was wondering if any of you had suggestions on whether
it’s wise to send it to a place to be laser soldered (it’s a very
thin hinge joint). Or if you have suggestions on other methods of
repair, I would be very grateful.

Thank you,
Vanessa Mitchell

Laser welding sounds like a perfect solution for this job. You are
correct that with a laser you can weld very near to sensitive stones
without any damage to them. Not sure where you are located, but if
anywhere near Denver, CO we offer rental of our laser welder or we
also take in trade laser repair work. Contact us off list if this is
something that may help you or if you want to discuss it.