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Great information. Thank you…Rob

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Lightburn or EZCAD?

I got these samples back today. Unfortunately the marking done with the LP4 did not stand up to a fairly light tripoli polishing. I will probably be buying a 60 Watt JPT MOPA fiber laser. They run Lightburn and EXCAD as well as some lighter mobile software. I am interested in any thoughts about Lightburn vs EZCAD…Rob

… any thoughts about Lightburn vs EZCAD

Rob, you got my curiosity up so I looked at a few youtubes yesterday. One that was 2 years old said that it was better to have an easycad 2 board in the machine than an easycad 3 even though easycad 2 was less stable. Lightburn wasn’t quite out at the time but the reviewer was very keen about it.

A lot changes in 2 years. I will try to find the youtube, but senior memory… :roll_eyes:

Sorry the Stuller machine didn’t work out. These things are $$. Good luck finding what you want.

Neil A

Working backward to refresh my memory, I checked out LaserEngraveEverything mentioned by

Here’s the 49 minute youtube I saw. It covers a lot, does mention easycad & lightburn.

Just searching within youtube on easycad vs lightburn a number of hits came up.

Neil A

The ComMarker came with EZCad2. In my research the consensus was that using Lightburn was the best to use. Since I was going to have to learn the software, I just decided to learn Lightburn. I can say it has been very easy to use with the help of the settings I received online and the videos online with LaserEverything.
Lightburn has a 30-day free trial. I would wait until you have the machine to download this. You are going to want to play with settings for sure and you need the machine.
FYI - I did not like the glasses that came with my machine. I asked around on several forums and everyone recommended Freemascot on Amazon. Now, I am not one to buy some random safety glasses from Amazon so I did a deep dive into the certificate. I found that Soky was the company that owned the Celab certificate listed on Amazon but I could not find how Freemascot was related to Soky. However, LaserEverything actually took a pair of their glasses and ran the lasers through the glasses. The beam did not penetrate. So, I ended up buying a pair.
Also, I had considered buying or making an enclosure. I have the machine in a separate room and I’ve only run it maybe 7 mins at one particular time. When I actually start making full texture plates, it will probably take a good 20 mins. I like the extractor that came with my machine and anyone could purchase it separately for a different machine. I believe they sell ComMarker products on Amazon. You are going to want ear protection too.

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i do not know much about laser engravers, but i would like to mention that how the unit allows for precise centering of the work relative to the software design would be a critical point for me…ie: crosshairs, etc



I just got the F1 and P2 package and love them.

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Here’s a video that might already have been shared but it may not have as well. It’s a mystery really.


Yep, its really helped me a lot.

Great little video … Much more informative than others on this particular machine (Basic unit $1500.00)

I really like the look of it for layouts … pretty cool device, but as far as cutting depth (on metal) it looks very light?



This is about ComMarker customer support, which right up front, cannot be beat.

Unindicted co-conspirators here enticed me into ordering a ComMarker laser.

Because I keep a low credit limit in case my credit card is hacked I needed to make a first payment, transfer money from savings to the card, then make a second payment the next day. ComMarker customer support set up a way for me to do that.

I had repeated problems with my card which led to multiple emails with ComMarker, and they stuck with me the whole way. I tried the PayPal option which also failed, but PayPal then sent the money as a wire transfer direct from my checking account, which I did NOT like. Credit cards have protections, wire transfers do not.

Trying to make the second payment, I got my credit union representative to monitor the transaction in real time. She saw an error code, made changes she refused to detail, and on the next try the payment went through.

At which point ComMarker customer support emailed me that I had transposed numbers, paid too much, and they sent the overpayment back to me.

Compare to PayPal, where the ‘customer support’ amounted to an AI robot that was just repackaged FAQs. Or to Lowes, where an order I made today that they messed up on caused me to listen on-hold to loud, distorted electric guitar music for 40 minutes with no email option.

I was a little concerned about ordering directly from China (or anywhere overseas where my recourse would be nil), but ComMarker proved to be outstanding.

It will be a while before the order ships and gets to me. The first thing I’m going to do when it does arrive is to 3D print some tiny plastic Klingons and Romulans and phaser them with the ComMarker. (So? I’m too old to act my age.)

Neil A

Go for it Neil…Rob