Laser eyeglass repair

Can anyone help me out? I am doing some eyeglass repair with the
laser welder. Can anyone explain how I can differentiate the types of
metals that the frames are made of? There are numbers stamped in the
frames, but, I have no idea what they stand for. Thank you, in
advance, for any that you can supply me with.


I can’t help you with the metals but the numbers on the temples are
the width of the front of the glasses and the smaller number is how
tall the lens is. If that makes sense. I make eyeglasses and it is
unfortunate that most of the commercial frames do not have the metal
content on them. I have worked on several gold and platinum filled
frames and those are labeled with the fine metal content. Quite a
large percentage of frames are titanium due to the light weight

Good luck.
Thornton Metals Studio

Hello Scott,

What type of laser welder do are you using? I do about 300+ pair of
eyeglass frame repair a year and was one of the main reasons for
purchasing a laser welder about 3 years ago. I have a setting that
works well on most metal frames but with titanium some will weld and
some will not. You will definitely need to use Argon while welding
frames. I don’t have this email at the office and can’t remember just
what the settings are but I will look tomorrow and repost to you
those settings. It would be a start. The main thing would be to
start with a lower setting than you think you need to because most of
the metal frames are easy to crystalize the metal structure if you
aren’t careful and then it’s tough to get a good secure weld. If you
would like to contact me offline, that would be fine with me and I’d
be glad to answer any questions I can for you.

Best of luck to you,
870-404-5004 (central time please)

The numbers stamped on the frames refer to the model number
designated by the frame manufacturer, as well you will find some
other numbers referring to the size of the frame.

For example, looking at my husband’s OGI frame the number’s listed
on it are MOD 2191 for model 2191…Then 43 20 for the eye
size,Then 135 for the temple length. This really isn’t very
useful for you. However, if you know who the manufacturer
is, in this case OGI, and the model number you may be able to find
the frame on line and look up the material. Good Luck!