Laser Engraving of Jewelry

Laser Engraving of Jewelry? There is a new engraving service that
is opening in a kiosk at the Mall I am in. It looks very
interesting, does anyone know who sells such systems? It is a desk
top unit that is able to do inside/outside a ring engraving as well
as engraving on a multitude of material. I was only able to speak to
the operator for a short time but, she showed me several items that
were impressive. Pax, Jim Revells Sudden Service Jewelry & Watch Repair

Crafford-LaserStar Technologies offers a turnkey 110v laser
marking/engraving system that is ideal for customizing all types of
rings, inside-outside, as well as many other jewelry and precious
metal items.

If you would like more please advise.

James Gervais

Jim, Give me call and I can help you with your laser engraving
questions. If you want to see pictures of samples I can do that
also. Best Regards. Neil George 954-572-5829

They now do Laser Engraving of Diamonds they have a number and other
things engraved on the edge not visible with the eye. What I saw was
very very good below is what I found with a search on Google.


The laser can inscribe incredibly small characters; even down to one
tenth the thickness of a human hair, so a significant inscription
can be inscribed on the diamond and remain invisible to the naked
eye until viewed under a 10x magnifying glass (which we can also

Laser Engraving of Diamonds

A ‘diamond is forever’ and now your very own personal message of
Love can also be forever. A testament to your love, more enduring
than the Pyramids, to be passed on down through the generations.
With our unique micro-laser engraving service you can now engrave a
diamond with the inscription of your choice. It could be a personal
message, wedding date, birth date, a security identification number,
diamond certificate details, zip or post code or even a company
logo. You may also select from a range of Standard messages.