Laser engrave pattern for hand engraving

Hi all. Does anyone have any thoughts on using a laser engraver to lay down an engraving pattern that can then be followed when hand engraving?

I have researched this exact same question myself. Yes, it is possible to use a laser engraver to create a temporary image that you can then engrave in the same way that you would any other image transfer process. The trick is to figure out what laser you need and what settings to use. If you already have one, experiment with it. All that you are trying to do is to transfer an image, not engrave the image or in any way remove metal. I have asked this question on Steve Lindsay’s engravers forum and several engravers have replied that they do use a laser for this purpose. I have yet to buy a laser as I know that I will need a fiber laser for what I want to and they are expensive. If all that you want to do is to transfer an image, then there are less expensive options. Good luck and keep us posted…Rob