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Laser drill

Greetings: Does anyone have info about laser drills? I want to drill
holls in thin stones for earrings. I’ve tried using a diamond bit in
a drill press, but the stones breaks.

Suggestions and recommendations?

Virginia Lyons

Virgina, What types of stones are you trying to drill? I have some
experience with lasers and stones. I have mostly done engraving using
a 25w CO2 laser. To do drilling efficiently you would definately need
a higher wattage laser and on harder materials would probably have to
use a YAG laser rather than a CO2 laser. I have gotten pretty good at
engraving quartz and agate. The real trick is not trying to
overpowering the material with the laser. The first quartz cab I ever
engraved exploded as soon I touched it with the laser…And I don’t
mean that it broke in to 3 or 4 pieces. It literally turned to dust.
I’ve learned to be more patient and go faster with a lower power
setting to avoid overheating the stone. Agate is pretty tough but I
have never tried to cut through a slab. The laser I use just isn’t
powerful enough to get the job done quickly!

Shane Morris

Hello; I am new to this, actual re-entering it after taking classes in
college 17 years ago. I need a container to hold the sparex while
removing firescale from brass, etc. I’ll be working in brass and
silver. The catch is the pieces are large - although they don’t have
much mass. They are 3 tiered in/ out paper holders for office desks
(for 8 1/2 X 11 paper) so you can see they have to be fairly large.
If I could put a heat source under or in it, it would be nice too.
Basicly they have to be inert to the pickle, coverable, non-breakable,
and hopefully, heatable.

I have no idea what to use and haven’t found anything sold that will
work. They are all too small.

Any ideas on what would work and where I might be able to obtain

Eric V. Schmidt

use a laundry bin (plastic and a fish tank heater – should work

Dave Otto

I would look into cookware, perhaps a pyrex or corningware covered

Janet Kofoed

perhaps you should look in a restaurant equipment supply house. many
are available to the public. i have solved many problems there over
the years.

I once took a forming class and we used a plastic garbage container
to quench/pickle the pieces. It was heated with an aquarium heater.
Worked great. and was cheap. Lorri

Dear Eric, Try a crockpot. They come in large sizes and you may find
one cheap at a flea market. Or use a large baking dish set on a
Salton hot tray. I only need a small one and use a potpourri
crockpot myself.


Hi Eric,

  They are 3 tiered in/ out paper holders for office desks (for 8
1/2 X 11 paper) so you can see they have to be fairly large. 

You might check with a firm that sells resturaunt supplies. They may
have a pyrex glass dish that’s big enough. If you can’t find 1 deep
enough for the whole thing, you could pickle the bottom, then turn it
over & pickle the top.

For heat, you might try a 1 or 2 burner electric hot plate. Try the
Salvation Army, Goodwill & similar organzation resale shops. You may
get lucky & find everything you need there.


Eric, A crockpot works wonders. You can purchase them in various
sizes. I have been using the one I have for pickling for about five