Laser cutting of silver

Laser cutting of silver: anybody in western US to do it?

Hi Gang,

One of my students has a line of reasonably intricate pierced
jewelry that she does in silver. She asked if I knew anybody who’d be
able to laser cut them for her.

I didn’t know anybody off the top of my head.

So, anybody here know of a company that can handle a smallish order
for laser cutting in flat sterling plate?


Morning Brian,

My laser profiler can do it here in the UK Nr Poole Dorset (S coast)
down to.5 mm also by water jet. We would need a drawing he would

He normally uses 8ft by 4ft sheets of metal.

I checked also with Cookson gold sterling silver sheet sizes, they
can supply 500mm by 500 mm.

.5mm thick 620 gbp, .8mm 985gbp and 1mm 1200gbp. plus our sales tax of

I suspect your student will find the metal cost somewhat daunting.

Unless your going to fund the metal cost for him/ her.

Happy to help if you want.

Harry J Sarber “Sr” in Vancouver (Canada) laser cuts silver for a lot
of jewellers and artists on the West Coast. Harry is a master
goldsmith and has been in the trade for over 60 years. He is full of
stories and started training as a diamond setter at the age of 15
for 50 cents an hour. No website but you will usually get Harry when
you phone.

Ph: 604-301-1502
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Hi Brian,

You might try Rache Corporation in Camarillo, CA, between Los
Angeles & Santa Barbara. They cut precious & non-ferrous metals:
platinum, sterling, gold alloys, brass, copper. Cutting tool
path/kerf is minimal .001". They build their own machines & have
been specializing in thin, non-ferrous for 25 years.


Minimum lot charge is $225.

Owner’s name is Steve - email to use is steve@
the company name less the corp.

They use native arc& radius. dxf format files.

Regards, Eileen Webb

Hi Ted,

We’re still investigating, but a 4x8 seems a bit on the large size.

She’s a recent import from regions gulfish and sandy. Apparently
there was a place back home where she could get them lasered out
pretty reasonably. So she’s looking to do the same thing here. (the
whole line was designed around having the blanks lasered. So when
you suddenly lose that, all bets are off.)

I’m still digging.



8 by 4 was mentioned as thats the std sheet size in the UK. However
they can use as mentioned 500mm by 500mm which is approx 19.5 ins
sheet. Thats why I got a price of the largest sterling sheet
available off the shelf in the UK.

What thickness does your student need? and what size did she use