Las Vegas JCK dinner

Dear All of Orchid, We had a great time in Las Vegas with the dinner
organized by Andrea Hill of Rio Grande ( well Margot,
really…just kidding Andrea…just like I organize the dinner
here without my Pat , PLEASE don’t tell her I said that). Rio was
even generous enough to pay for the whole thing! Andrea told me that
all of her people from Rio are monitoring this forum and I asked that
they post when ever they have something to say as they are on the
front lines of our craft. If you have a question Rio can answer go
ahead and ask, they are here. Next year I hope more Orchids can
attend, the Las Vegas show is an amazing show, the best window into
the market place of finished jewelry I have ever seen. AGTA also has
a large presence there and it was good to visit all the friends from
there too. Sam Patania, Tucson

Dear All, The dinner was indeed a very gracious gift from Rio. They
have been fine hosts at every event I’ve been invited to. I just want
everyone to know that I heard a few predictions while talking with
several industry leaders in Las Vegas. One of the thoughts I agreed
with is that Orchid is the future of the jewelry industry in the USA.
The Contemporary Design Group Dinner in Las Vegas was similar to the
Tucson Orchid Dinner this last Spring. The Design Pavilion was full
of artists, craft persons and fine jewelry makers like we all aspire
to be. And indeed the whole industry is down (according to what I
heard) about 30 to 40%.

Best Regards,
Todd Hawkinson