Large Size Ladies Jewlery

madd - lucite - perspex - is rather soft for wearable jewelry, too
scratch prone without a lot of postform polishing & conditioning. for
awhile i made very saleable large pieces out of a polycarbonate
called ‘lexan’, in the bulletproof material family. it was excellent
for setting larger stones with regular sized ones - used opals up to
40x25, moonstones up to 40x40, malachite plates up to 50x45, etc.
customers still ask for lexan pieces because they like the way the
stones seemed to ‘float’. if any “ethical”, “postulates of propriety,
perfection & put-downs” have problems with that material, PLEASE keep
them to yourself. if everyone trying new materials & methods is
ridiculed for not using only tried, true, trite, tired old ways & the
standard we’d all be wearing identical boring jewelry; you
’proprietary persnicketies’ certainly don’t want to hear what i was
paid for a piece using fossil bone, river rocks & a few garnets! but
if you can’t adapt, fine, that means the innovators’ marketshare is
more! AND let’s get off the ‘ethical’ high horse shall we? anyone
confusing ‘ethical’ with ‘established’ needs to discuss that with
their peers at their next ‘flat earth society’ meeting. ta ya’ll, ive

MaryKer, The real solution is to buy in components, select an
appropriate (for size) pendant, and have a choice of chain lengths.
What needs to be done here is to have the bail large enough to receive
most chains, and also design the clasp so that one side will slide
through most chains.

What has not been addressed at all is the individuals taste in
selection. Everyone of us has more times than not, wondered why a
person would ever wear that dress, pants, top, etc. as well as
jewelry. We label by our personal choices, sometimes also without
taste, whatever that may be.

That a piece of jewelery is unsuitable by size or flash cannot be
blamed on the manufacturer. Again I wonder just how big this problem
is. Yes make bracelets in size choices, yes create larger bangles, yes
offer longer chains, wider or narroweranythings, larger women jewelery
is still a puzzle to me. Teresa