Large nuckle

Customer ring spins she want to install on shank that opens on the side of shank like a hinged bracelet with a tougne on oppisite side. Has anyone done this type of work?

I have a reprint of this article that I purchased from Interweave a while back:

Hinged Ring with Cabochon
by Judy Hoch
Originally published in Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist, September-October 2013

Here’s a pic of the back of the ring:

It may the the kind of thing you’re looking for. It (and similar styles) have been designed for fitting issues such as arthritic fingers, where the knuckles are enlarged.

Hope this helps, or at least can lead you to what you are looking for.

Here it is online for those interested.

Depending on the ring I’d recommend a Sure Fit or Finger mate. Hoover and Strong has a great online article dealing with arthritic fingers and adjustable rings. I’d really recommend that you read it before you decide your course of action.
Jo Haemer

I install quite a few FingerMate adjustable shanks in the shop, on higher end rings, and have installed many SuperFit shanks too.
These are not inexpensive shanks, so their use is usually limited to more valuable rings.

I do not think that either come in Sterling Silver, so I enjoyed the link above to a hand crafted version.

I can easily see how a variation on the custom shank that was shared in the link could be created to use with a great many rings that would not be practical for the more costly Gold adjustable shanks, commercially available.

Please forgive , but “nuckle” is properly spelled “Knuckle”. Sorry, I had to do it.

Jerry in Kodiak

Check with Hoover and Strong…Rob

If the original poster was looking for an adjustable shank in silver I’d
advise against. Silver doesn’t have the spring to make a good clasp plunger
let alone have the tensile strength for an adjustable shank. Heat hardened
Continuum, nickle, or white gold would.
When we make a top heavy ring that will spin down and is not appropriate
for an opening shank we make a square bottomed euro shank to help keep it
Have fun and make lots of jewelry.
Jo Haemer

Thanks, Seth, for posting that. I had purchased the PDF download and didn’t think beyond that.


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No worries Tricia! Happy Holidays