Large gold chain supplier

I am looking for a supplier of large solid gold chains - like 7-9mm cuban and curb link, etc. Does anyone have a recommendation? None of my suppliers ( Stuller, Rio, Overnight ) carry anything that large.

Thank you,
Rachel Rose

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National Chain, Ross Metals, and Herco are good options. You can also check out the MJSA supplier site for more options, but I have used those 3.

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Have long been happy with Downeast Trading.
They have only a few large sizes shown.
Contact them with your specific needs - they may be able to help.

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Thank you! I am creating accounts with a couple of these. Thank you so much for these recommendations!

again - mjsa research consultants - it’s worth the price of membership for little shops.

We use Herco and have been happy with their quality and prices. They have an extraordinarily large selection. That said I do believe that you need to set up an account with them.