Large black freshwater pearls

Dear All: I have somehow gotten myself in one of those “trying to
outdo each other” s ituations here in Brandon. About a year ago, I
had a woman come to me want ing a black pearl necklace, at least
11mm. She didn’t want to pay an arm o r a leg for it, so she opted
for a 16" strand of 11mm black freshwater pear ls. I put a nice
14YG clasp on it and she had a matching pair of earrings made. Well
someone in NY saw it at a show and has called me. She wants on e
just like it, but with bigger pearls. I explained to her that I
wouldn’t make another one exactly like it unless my original
customer okay’d it, wh ich she did. Well my second customer wants at
least 12-13mm black freshwat er pearls (somewhat round, but each one
unique) and matching earrings. Doe s anyone have any idea where I
can find about 50 black freshwater pearls in this size? She also
wants them to have the nice “peacock” color look to t hem. And
while you’re making suggestions, the original customer has alread y
called me and told me to make something to outdo the second customer.
We ll, at least these two will keep me in business…

Therese Hirko
Pterne Designs
Brandon, MS