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"Laponia" jewellery

Here is a question from a friend of mine, who owns a retail jewellery
store. He has been selling a range of silver jewellery imported from
Europe (possibly Finland or Sweden). The range is called Laponia and
the designs have a very organic look to them, with a satin-like
finish. The pieces are also very bright - brighter than one would
expect from rhodium plating. As the pieces also appear to have been
sealed with a laquer, we think that they have probably been plated
with pure silver and then sealed with the laquer. Does anyone know
this range of jewellery, or have any ideas on how the finish may have
been created?

Thanks for this great forum
Nils Schwarz

Why don’t you get in touch with Laponia themselves,I know they exist
in Germany If I am Not mistaken,you could probably do it on the web.

Hratch Babikian
P.O. Box 54147
Philadelphia, PA 19015
215 465 9351

Laponia Jewelry comes from Finland, and unlike regular Jewelry firms
the Designers are not primarly goldsmiths. The pieces are indeed
laquered, as far as the plating goes, I do not think they are plated
in fine silver because if the laquering chips the pieces oxidize quite
rapidly. I believe they are electro polished, at least the ones that
do not have flat faces to polish.

If you need any more info. , let me know. I went to school with to of
Laponia’s reps.

Dear Nils,

We also carry Lapponia in our store. The company name is Lapponia,
and it has been producing jewelry for 40 years. The main office and
factory are based in Helsinki, Finland. Not all of their jewelry is
organic looking, as they have four designers who have distinctive,
yet complementary styles. You probably are referring to the style of
Bjorn Weckstrom, who found his design inspiration in the natural
gold nuggets that he found in northern Finland.

I have never asked the company what the exact process is of their
finish, but I believe that the 18k is 24k plated, and the sterling is
plated in fine silver. We have had customers bring in Lapponia rings
that have been sized by other jewelers (we always send ours to
Lapponia), and the other jewelers can not duplicate their finish.
The silver shanks where they sized it is a darker silver, and it does
not match the top. I also think that the satin finish is achieved
with a wire texturing wheel, the kind that is sold from Gesswein. I
don’t know if they treat it with a lacquer. The jewelry
occasionally tarnishes in the case, but is easily restored to a
bright white with silver dip. It doesn’t tarnish as fast as
untreated sterling. You are correct, the finish is whiter than a
rhodium finish, and certainly doesn’t wear like one. The rings
scratch easily, and you learn to love the history that you put on
them, as it just adds character.

Lapponia has a web site You should visit it, and if
you have any further questions, they have an email address at the
site. It is a wonderful jewelry line, and I have found a lot of
inspiration from it. If anyone has the opportunity of looking at a
piece of this jewelry, you will find that it inspires jewelers in its
innovative design, the integration of findings into the design, and
the perfection of finish.

Best wishes,

Jodi Johnson