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How can I polish lapis cabochons ?

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For polishing lapis cabochons:

Using diamond grits, a prepolish series of 1200 and 14,000 grit,
followed by 50,000 for final polish.

This seems to work better than cerium oxide. I have not tried
tin oxide on lapis.

Mark Zirinsky
Denver, Colorado, USA

How can I polish lapis cabochons ?

Use Linde A on a leather flat lap, I think tin oxide would do
the same. Make a slurry of the powder with a drop of soap and a
drop of vinegar. Put a little on the leather and drap the
cabochon polishing it with the leather almost dry…DAve

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After a good prepolish,you use powdered Alumina.A good frade is
.3 micron.It is sold under the trade name “Linde A”.I did Lapis
cabs to high polish in tumbler.We used Edus Automatic
cabbers,diamond wheels,to a carbide sand,then a 1200 diamond
prepolish on a pelon type sleeve over the drums.Then we waxed
them.This was the magic.

                                   Mark Liccini

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