Lapis & aventurine cabs [sale offer]

Any one interested in top quality lapis (from Afganistan) or
aventurine cabs fully polished. Surplus stock. Lapis 10mm rd
flat $2.8ea 10x14 oval $5.8ea 8-9x11 rect $5.5 12x28mm marq
$9.8ea 16mm square flat rounded corners $6.4 ea Aventurine
12x16mm oval 65c ea 10x14 oval 50c ea 9x11mm oval 24c ea 7x14
oval 25c ea 10x14 oval 58c ea Hundreds of most sizes prices New
Zealand dollars=US$0.714 Also does anyone have a good source for
diamonds 1,3,5 and 25 pointers h-i vsi

best wishes Gerald


Try The Kay El Co. They are located in Dallas, Texas and I have
found them to be very honest and good at sending you what you ask
for. Their toll free number is 800-231-7475. they are an
excellent source for color, too.