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Lapilia's Gemstone Website (Upgraded)

The main features of this upgrade are :

  1. The International Gemstone Collection
    Lapilia add to its Website an International Gemstone Collection. This
    collection contains more than 400 It is intended to the
    connoisseurs interested in acquiring unique specimens coming from all around
    the world. The price of the entire collection is $100,000 US. You can take
    a look at this collection at the following address :

  2. Prices of the Calibrated Gemstones have been reduced of 40%

  3. All the prices listed in our catalogs are now listed in US dollars.

Hope you will visit us soon.

Claude Marc-Aur=E8le

CP 255 Outremont Branch, Quebec, Canada, H2V 1L5
E-Mail : @Lapilia
WebSite :
Gemstones from all around the world