Lapidary tools and equipment startup list

Hi, next year I pretend to learn morew about lapidary and would like
some recomendations on this matter as what kind of tools should I
aquire based on a medium budget, I want to cut some stones eg.
meteorites and some semiprecious stones native to our country.

I guess I will need some kind of saw cutter diamond coated, but I
don’t know if it should be a band saw or a radial disk cutter, also
I presume I need a polisher sanding equipment to finish and burnish
? the stones, I have some rough amathist and also a friend of mine
discovered a big meteorite and sent a small piece to be identified
and the results said it was a space rock called moldavite.

He gave me two small pieces as a present and actually me and my wife
has wire warpped a small quatity to be sold outside our country, as
this stones are rough I would like to shape the to more known forms
and thats the point I would like to know what should I buy meanwhile.
Also I appreciate recomendattions about the lapidary equipment

Best regards,
Thor Hedderich
Caracas Venezuela