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Lapidary saw blades

Hello Anne Stickney

My experience in New Zealand is that the average saw doctor is not
able to straighten lapidary blades because the metal they are made
from is quite different to that used in wood cutting saws.

I only ever found two persons here able to straighten these blade.
They were both saw doctors and at the same time they were both avid
rock hounds who took the time and trouble to work out how to do the

As a side issue there is a simple technique for trimming cab blanks
that you may find useful if you are not aware of it. Can save a lot
of sawing.

Commonly called ‘nibbling’ you use an old pair of pliers or side
cutters and working around the blank grip small bits of the edge and
snap them off. Works on all the agate/jasper type materials. Not for
jade and I wouldn’t try it on opal or obsidian. In the interests of
saving wear and tear on saw blades I taught this system quite
successfully in lapidary night schools

Good luck… Keith Torckler, Cornwallis New Zealand