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Lapidary material in Alaska

Later this month I will be on a tour in Alaska and I will be looking
for places to collect or buy lapidary material. I primarily cut
cabochons ( I also Teach). If any good Orchidan has suggestions, I
will welcome your help.

We will be in Fairbanks. Ankorage, Alyska, Seward, Juneau, Skagway,
and Ketchikan. Please contact me on the site or or by e-mail.

Don Sommerfield @Don_Sommerfield

Don, Alaska Lapidary stuff,

For Jade try the Jade Shop at Alyeska, about 15 miles south of
Anchorage. This is a finished jade product shop but they had some
leftover cuttings when we stopped by a year ago. You have to ask to
see them. They were kept in the room with the huge saw.

Nature’s Jewels rock shop in Anchorage has very helpful staff. It
is small but worth a drop by.

Joe Davis


Tugtupite is definitly an interesting material you would want to
look into, though found mainly in greenland and canada, I have heard
on similar material coming from Alaska.

for more info at

also, here is a nice site that might offer you some leads:

Alaska Minerals - Hidden Treasures

keep us updated with your discoveries and have a safe trip