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Lapidary Journal Relaunch as Jewelry Artist

For Immediate Release

Lapidary Journal Changes Name and Enhances Magazine’s Features

Malvern, Pa., January 31, 2007: Lapidary Journal, published by Aspire
Media’s Interweave Press, has announced that it is changing its name
to Jewelry Artist with the June 2007 issue. Jewelry Artist is
published 12 times a year and will have a new face and refreshed
editorial direction, as well as greatly expanded newsstand
distribution in 2007. In addition to Jewelry Artist, the Interweave
Press Bead, Gem & Jewelry Group publishes five other subscription
magazines: Beadwork, Step by Step Beads, Stringing, Step by Step Wire
Jewelry, and Colored Stone. Founded in April 1947 as "a national
magazine for gem cutters, collectors, and jewelry craftsmen,"
Lapidary Journal is changing its name to Jewelry Artist to reflect
the changing interests of the handcrafted gem and jewelry community.
In its most recent survey, conducted several weeks ago, readers
confirmed that jewelry making is the magazine’s most important
subject to more than two-thirds of Lapidary Journal’s current
readers, and that most are also interested in using In
Jewelry Artist, readers will continue to find much of the same
content, written by many of the same experts, that they value in
Lapidary Journal today: answers to technical questions, clever tool
adaptations, innovative designs and practical design advice, jewelry
and lapidary projects, tips and in-depth explanations on using
materials and applying techniques, guidance on how to sell jewelry,
new products, an event calendar, and more. The column Rock Corner
will also continue to appear, though emphasis in the magazine will be
on jewelry artistry. Editorial coverage will continue to spotlight
gem cutting and metalsmithing, including stone setting and a variety
of other jewelry making media and techniques.

New editorial features with the June 2007 issue will include several
new columns: one on trends and another on gems, a showcase of
jewelry designs, and a spotlight on a jewelry artist in every issue.

About Lapidary Journal

For 60 years, Lapidary Journal has been the leading source of
supplies, and services in the jewelry, bead, and gem
fields. Lapidary Journal was the first gem and jewelry-making
magazine in the world, and its pages are filled with the insights,
advice and discoveries of the most renowned jewelry and gemstone
experts. Since its inception, the magazine has expanded into a
multiplatform resource that includes the popular website,, direct-request e-mail newsletters,
and consumer events such as the annual Jewelry Arts Expo

About Interweave Press LLC

Interweave Press, a unit of Aspire Media, is one of the nation’s
leading craft media companies, with businesses in magazine and book
publishing, interactive media, broadcast programming, and events for
craft enthusiasts. The Interweave Press Publishing Group features 14
subscription magazines and many more special interest publications.
Interweave Press has more than 200 books in print and annually
publishes about 30 best-selling, how-to craft books on the same
subjects as the company’s magazines. Additionally, Interweave Press
operates eight annual craft enthusiast events and has an extensive
Internet presence that includes nearly 30 websites. Linda Ligon
founded the company in the 1970s when she began publishing Handwoven
and Spin-Off magazines. Since then, the company has grown to employ
more than 100 people throughout the country, with corporate
headquarters located in Loveland, Colo.

About Aspire Media LLC

Aspire Media is an acquirer and operator of consumer enthusiast
media and is focused on building a multiplatform media company.
Aspire was founded by Clay B. Hall, an experienced publishing
professional and former owner-operator of enthusiast magazines.