Lapidary Journal or Rock and Gem?

Someone as contacted me off list and informed me that there was
a good article on steam casting in either Lapidary Journal or
Rock and Gem with in the past six months or so. If you happened
to have seen it would you send me some info on what issue and the
author. The person that contacted me has been doing steam casting
for a while, and told me about using sheet wax for spruing
instead of small wax wires as I have always used. This was in the
article. I do not want to steal ideas from this author, but I
would like to include this “tip” in the steam casting class. I
want to try it first, and need to know the guage of sheet wax
used, so I do not have to reinvent the wheel! Please help me if
you can. – Don Norris @Donald_Norris PO Box 2433 Estes Park, CO

The article of which you speak is to be found in the October,
1998 Rock and Gem magazine. You might check their online 'zine

Lee Einer