Lapidary equip for sale/trade

Greetings Orchid Friends,

Below is some excess lapidary equipment I have for sale.

FOR SALE: Graves: Cabmate, like new, used very few hours …6"-
180 diamond wheel, 6" diamond saw blade w/ table, 2 speed motor,
110 volt, light, water can, instruction manual. (Cost $625 +
shp)… Sell for $375 + shipping…

Graves: Spool Polisher “Complete” item # 13-051 like new, low
hours (5), includes diamond compounds, (Cost $182 + shp) Sell for
$100 + shipping…

Crystallite 180 grit diamond wheel 1 1/2" wide, low hours of use
on soft material (amethyst, tigereye, etc) $85 + shipping…

Some part ( 1/2 or less) trade considered… I’m looking for
rough: tourmalated quartz (clear quartz wtih green, black or
other coloured toumaline), tourmaline (watermelon,
etc.),cacoxanite, moldavite, opal, Australian agate, malachite,
unique and unusual rough is my “thing”. See my web site for
finished jewelry pieces.

I Love this list!!!

All the best in all things,



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