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Landstrom Style Jewellery


Hi to all,

I hope that you can help me. I’ve been lurking on the fringes
for quite some time and have finally decided to take the plunge.
Please be gentle !!!

I have a client here in South Africa that had some jewellery
stolen and she wants to replace it. As close as I can figure it
was a set of Handmade “Landstrom Style” Jewellery. She said that
the set had a “Leaf/y” Motif, possibly with some sort of Filigree
work involved.

Can anyone help as to the style and or where I could see
pictures etc. of this work Any help or direction in this matter
would be greatly appreciated

Feel free to contact me at @Lawrence_Saber

Many thanks


For more info about the Landstrom company & their Black Hills
Gold jewelry, send e-mail to I found Landstrom’s
web site by searching on “Landstrom” in Yahoo.

Neither I nor Maxon’s has any affiliation with Landstrom.

Joel Kahn <@Joel_Kahn>
Comptroller for Maxon’s Jewelers
Diamond Merchants & Estate Jewelers
Authorized Dealer for Rolex & Tag Heuer
2622 S Glenstone, Springfield Missouri 65804 USA
Voice: 417-887-1800 or 417-887-1809
Fax: 417-887-3422


Hi Lawrence:

Welcome aboard! The jewelry you’re looking for is manufactured
by Landstrom’s of Rapid City, S.D., and is called Black Hills
Gold. It’s a distinctive style of jewelry originally (and
possibly still) made from gold mined only from the Black Hills.
It incorporates engraved leaves, clusters of grapes and other
designs in a combination of 10K and 14K red and yellow. The
company’s address is 405 Canal St. (P.O. Box 3100), Rapid City,
SD 57709. The phone and FAX numbers I have for them may be out
of date, so if you’d like to contact them that way let me know.
(It’s after business hours as I write, and I’d have to check the
numbers during the day).

Rick Martin