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I saw the jewels of Lalique yesterday at the Dallas Museum of
Art. It was quite a body of work. I was amazed and delighted
by what I found there although my friend Sarah and I made other
viewers a bit nuts because we kept trying to see the underside
of the pieces. They couldn’t figure out WHY we would want to do

I can’t wait to try some of the chains that I saw there. Sarah
and I made our other friends crazy talking about that
metalsmithing stuff and how we could accomplish some of the
enameling that we saw.

I’m not sure where it goes from Dallas, but it is worth the
effort to see it!!

Susan E. in Dallas


– I saw the show in New York, at the Cooper Hewitt, with the
same reaction. I kept trying to see the backs of the pieces. I
make dragonflies and other natural forms, and in plique a jour,
so many of the technques he used were very applicable to me. I
bought the catalogue and study it!



And, regarding Lalique, did the exhibit in Texas go anywhere
else in the States??

There will be an exhibition showing Lalique at the Schmuckmuseum
at Pforzheim,Germany,from 3d July till 5th September 1999:

H.-J.von Z=FCndt


The Lalique exhibit was at one of the Smithsonian galleries in
D.C. in the spring of '98. Lisa Newark, DE


The exhibit, The Jewels of Lalique, went to the Smithsonian
International Gallery May 15 through August 16 here in Washington
last year, and also to the Cooper-Hewitt International Design
Museum, part of the Smithsonian Institution is New York, from
February 3 to April 12, 1998. At least this is what my beautiful
wall poster tells me. The exhibit was a small one, featuring
incredible enamel pieces with worked metal backgrounds ( similar
to Faberge, with less straight lines) to the plique-a-jour work
of his that we all know and love. Also displayed were several of
his water color and gouache designs done on a sepia colored heavy
paper, as well as several later glass objects.