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Laithe Vs. Buffer

Hi All, I’ve been reading this interesting thread about polishing.
Now I have a question. Laithe (sp?), Buffer, what’s the difference?
I always thought I had a buffer, double spindle, and a dust
collecting hood . . . perhaps I didn’t know I had a laithe?

Hi all, I don’t buff jewelry, I polish it. I don’t use a “buffer” I
use a polishing lathe. I do use a carefully selected buff (noun) on
the polishing lathe. Polishing connotes a series of educated and
planned steps to arrive at the the desired quality outcome. Buff is
not a verb and “buffing” is a rather slap-dab activity. Do I sound
like a snob? Thank you! Mission accomplished!..John, J.A.Henkel Co.,
“moldthingies”, “metal slinging” & “buffing”.