Lacquer on Brass

Hi there. I have searched the forum for this and
although I have found some recommendations on what to use to seal
brass to keep it from tarnishing, I need to know what would be the
best material to use on a brass object that is meant to be slightly
bent by the wearer. I am specifically talking about a cuff bracelet
that is meant to be adjusted to the wearer’s arm.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!

Barefoot Czarina Jewelry

what would be the best material to use on a brass object that is
meant to be slightly bent by the wearer 

Snake oil

unfortunately the “snake oil” that the poster responded with is not
appropriate for skin contact AT ALL.There is no MDSD available on it
either and it is more a wax than a sealant. Marine varnish will seal
brass well ( and copper if it’s against the skin) it is somewhat
flexible but not menat to be flexed again and again. there is a resin
that can be added but it’s more hassle than it’s worth- just fit the
cuff to the wearer then coat it… Once dried thoroughly the varnish
is not allergenic ( no more than clear nail polish against skin)


You could try clear nail polish, after all nails are flexible. I
have a damascus steel bracelet that I coated with clear nail polish
on the inside and it works fine but that is a very toothy etched

Metal prep is really important before applying finishes, absolutely
grease free and some roughening of the surface so the finish can

Craft stores yield a lot of different kinds of clear coatings and
finishes that might work. Acrylic finishes are flexible, they’re
plastic after all, but some if not all acrylics are formulated with
ammonia which could have an adverse affect on metal.

Have you tried wearing the brass bracelets with no coating? I have a
bracelet I made out of brazing rod back in high school- I won’t say
how long ago that was but suffice it to say that there has been a
very long test period and it doesn’t turn green or turn me
green…no special treatment or care. I would think that different
alloys of brass may be less of a problem than others and it is known
that peoples own chemistry affects metals in different ways.
Generally, a bracelet doesn’t have as close contact with the body
that a ring would

Or you could gold plate.


Mr. Rourke,

Hate to info you there is a MSDS Sheet on Snake oil and has been
tested for toxicity. Please get your facts straight. and Snake oil is
not a wax. not made from wax may act like wax but it acts different
than a lube too. This product has been tested!

it may not smell look packaged or name as he would like it but the
product has testers that like this Product use this product and write
about this product with good reviews. all product can be toxic to
some people and not others, But Please get your facts straight before
you speak. The test we did for to toxcity proved the lowest life form
was unaffected even when they ate the stuff. If there was any
irritant or toxicity it would have killed them the second day. they
lived more than a month with no ill effect. we have been using this
stuff for hand cleaner no problems.

Randy Brown
AKA Enjen Joes

You could try clear nail polish, after all nails are flexible. 

Nail polish is not made to last, and it won’t. Two better choices
are Boeshield, made by Boeing for aircraft applications, and
Permalac, used on outdoor steel objects. Please don’t post back
asking where to get them-- use a search engine.