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Lace making competition

Hello to everybody from Sydney, Australia, This is a message for those
of you who work with wire or/and are lace makers. The 2nd Powerhouse
Museum international Lace for Fashion Award is calling for
applications. The closing date is Monday February 2001, and you can
download a form at Or email
Rosemary Shepherd at Or fax her at 61 2 9217 0355 Good
luck and have fun!

Francine Haywood
Ipso Facto, Sydney

Francine: Do you or others give me the alloy to prepare the wires of
silver, because we are traying to make with pure silver or 98% silver
but the wires cut and obvilously do harder. Adriana

HI Adriana, Sorry I can’t help you there because I don’t do this kind
of work myself (I work with metal and paper), but if you look in the
archives about wire, wirework, crochet, weaving, knitting, you will
probably find a lot of Also hopefully, some other Orchid
lace makers working with wire, out there, might be kind enough to help
and answer your message.

Francine Haywood
Ipso Facto, Sydney