Lab diamonds in the UK

Hi everyone, I’m a hobby jeweller in the U.K. and I’m looking for a source for synthetic diamonds - I know Cookson have started selling them but they don’t have the biggest selection.

Does anyone know anywhere that said sells them or will ship to U.K./Ireland (my situation is “complicated”)

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I would be very careful dealing in the lab diamond market. Retail prices for new lab diamonds seem to be about 1/3 to 1/2 what a comparable natural diamond sells for in GHI grades, SI1 to I1 clarity. I see a lot of jewelers on Treasure Traders and other FB sites advertising stones in settings or loose for sale. I was very surprised a few days ago when reading about lab diamonds to find a caution to retail buyers (such as brides) about lab diamonds. The writer said that while the lab diamond is a significant savings over natural, once it is sold, it is worth very little. A natural diamond might be bought for $3000/ct retail and then if the marriage goes bad and the bride (or groom!) tries to sell the stone, they will get wholesale, maybe about 50 to 60%. However, for the lab diamond that cost $1500, they are going to get a few hundred at best. If you will look at lab diamond prices on Ebay, I think you will see stones for very little money. Add to that the fact that lab diamond prices are coming down rapidly and you can see that you can easily loose money buying them. So this is what I am seeing now…perhaps I’m wrong and the stones on Ebay are frauds…maybe someone else who is familiar with this market can chime in here. -royjohn


Lab grown diamonds are dropping in price. I don’t know where the bottom is.
I work in the wholesale diamond industry. Let me talk to my boss. I might be able to help you. I’ll let you know.

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I’m sorry but my boss said that over seas is to complicated.

Thank you for asking in the first place, and yes overseas is always complicated!